Types of Bonuses Offered by sportsbook

The main motivation behind playing with online sportsbook is to make money. While choosing the best sportsbook to start an account, you have to look for various bonus programs offered by the sportsbook. The sportsbook are offering bonuses to keep the gamblers happy. These bonuses add on to your gambling account and let you gamble more. Certain online sportsbook advertise bonuses that are too good to be true. When you come across bonus offers like these, if you feel that these are something is unrealistic, then don't choose that sportsbook.

Sign up bonus

The sign up bonus is offered when you create an account and deposit your money. You will be offered a percentage of the money you have deposited as a bonus. This is now commonly provided by all the online sportsbook. The most stable sportsbook offer about 10% to 20% sign up bonus while there are many sportsbook that can give you a 50% sign up bonus. This means that you can get $150 in your account when you deposit $100 when the sign up bonus is 50%. Often there are sportsbook that specifies a maximum amount that can be offered as a bonus as well as a limit or a minimum amount for a deposit. To prevent misuse of these types of bonus, the sportsbook specify rollover. With a rollover of 5, you have to gamble for $550 if you want to claim $10 bonus with 10% signup bonus.

Reload bonus

Reload bonus is offered to a gambler each and every time he deposits some money in his gambling account. Not all sportsbook offer this type of bonus. The new ones in the business are using reload bonus as a way of attracting more customers to their website. 10% is normally applied as reload bonus and this may vary with every sportsbook. Sometimes, you will be offered additional bonus when you deposit money in your account on some special days.

Free bets

Free bets are unique opportunities to place bets without risking your money. If you win, you can keep all the winnings or otherwise, you have nothing to lose. Free bets differ with different types of sportsbook. Certain books allow you to place a free bet after you make the first bet. The free bet is set to some maximum limit, say $100. This means that your account will be automatically credited with this money and you don't have to use your own money make a bet. Sometimes, sportsbook may offer free bets on a regular basis where your money will be refunded if you don't win the bet.

Match play bonus

Unlike the previous cash bonuses, match play bonus is offered to you for the game play. This bonus is similar to a coupon that you can use only once. Cash bonuses are added to your account immediately while match play bonus requires minimum rollovers. After meeting the rollover requirement, a match play bonus is added to your account, and then you can use this coupon when placing your bet. If you win the bet, you gain money and if you lose the bet, you lose the coupon. Certain sportsbook pose different types of restrictions to these match play bonuses and you need to understand some specific guidelines to use the coupon.

Reduced juice

Juice is the amount of money charged by the sportsbook for processing your bets. Normally, juice on a bet is 10% which means that you have to bet for $110 if you want to win $100. Here, every time when you place a bet, you are risking $10. For regular gamblers, this will become a large sum of money over a period of time. Reduced juice gives you 5% juice on a bet meaning that you have to bet $105 for winning $100. This type of bonus is offered only by a few sportsbook while others offer such bonus on specific days.

Percentage of loss

Some sportsbook provide a percentage of loss back to the gambler to keep the long term customers happy. This will encourage gamblers to continue betting with the sportsbook. Though there is a little risk on the sportsbook with this bonus, long term gamblers can benefit from this bonus for a particular season.